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Always in pursuit of technical perfection and capturing compelling stories, Sam’s work has spanned from docudramas with the FBI to remote regions of Antarctica.  Creating visually-pleasing images that show his subjects in their best light, Sam’s style is creative, refined - as well as efficient and effective.

Sam has organized, trained and equipped camera crews for large productions, and is just as comfortable shooting on a ship as in a studio.   In addition to production work, Sam’s experience as a video technical expert for the Manhattan DA’s office led to him testifying numerous times in court and work on high profile cases.

Sam’s experience also includes videos for web, crowd funding, PSAs and celebrity interviews, both as a solo operator and with various size crews.

After years of creating and using his own custom camera rigs, the demand for Sam’s custom one-off rigs progressed to Sam creating Fathom Camera, where he designs and produces innovative camera rigs and accessories.

Sam Sielen Director of Photography Brooklyn.jpg

Sam is well-versed using a variety of cameras such as the Sony FX6, FX9, FS7 I/II, FS5, EX3, A7s II/III, Canon C300 I/II, 5D II/III/IV, Panasonic EVA1, GH5/4, Arri Alexa, Amira, Mini LF,  Red DSMC2, Komodo, JVC LS300, HM600, and many others.  He is very experienced in using a wide variety of lighting fixtures from portable 1x1 LED panels to larger Fresnels and PARs.  His skills extend to professional audio equipment such lavs, mixers, and shotgun mics from Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Sound devices, etc.

Based in New York City, working on projects around the world.


CBS:  The Late Show

USA:   Inside the FBI:  NYC      

Discovery:  Ocean Warriors

Animal Planet:   Whale Wars  

Discovery Science:   Tech Toys 360  



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